Monday, May 15, 2017

Our learning...and some homework

As part of our learning about WWI, we studied varying perspectives about conscription.  Following a "tea party" format, we each received write-ups that presented us with a character, a history and a perspective about conscription.  We had to study and assume the role of our characters as we mingled with each other at a "tea party".  We introduced ourselves and then engaged in conversations about our history and our opinions about conscription. We had to meet at least two other people, and listen to their points of view.  Once we had mingled for a bit, each student had the responsibility of sharing someone else's story and opinion about conscription.  Finally, with the information we learned, and after learning about differing perspectives about conscription, we wrote an persuasive paragraph, supporting our own points of view.
These paragraphs are due tomorrow:)

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