Thursday, March 23, 2017

Slime is taking over Room 205!

On Tuesday, we put our slime making skills to the test by following a well-researched recipe of basic slime.  We had a lot of fun, and learned a few things about what makes great slime AND about our classmates.

Here's what we learned:
1. We had to follow the directions pretty precisely in order for slime to form.  Some of us added too much water and not enough glue and ended up with clumpy sparkle soup.
2. The recipe we followed created slime that was just "ok".  Even when it did turn out, it was a bit too tough for our liking.
3. We have a lot slime experts in our class!  Our experts tested out some modifications to the recipe we followed.  Their results were better than those who followed the directions precisely.

On Wednesday, we discussed the criteria we believe good slime must have.  We voted for the criteria based on our observations, and by testing out a few different batches of slime that were made by experts and beginners from room 205. With this information, we were ready to begin our writing task: A shared procedural writing piece on how to make slime.

The beginning of our writing journey...

Yesterday, we discussed the criteria of good procedural writing based on what we noticed from a few examples, including the one we used to make our first batches of slime.  Today, we began writing our list of materials based on that criteria. Students will now decide on what they would like to write about, and should come to school tomorrow with some knowledge about the materials they will require for their procedural writing.

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